How eating poorly affects your overall well-being.

This may be a silly question, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to actually LIVE off take-out food? As someone who definitely enjoys to cook, this idea does not cross my mind as a viable option – especially if you have some dietary issues like myself. However, there was a period of time in my life where my partner and I were having less than two meals a day that were homemade.

Yes, sometimes life get so hectic that making supper and grabbing groceries becomes a torturous chore and the idea alone of planning meals and healthy options induces anxious and depressive thoughts. Well, have you ever considered that the food that goes into your body ultimately impacts how the body will function? Think of it this way: when you eat a high carb, high fat meal … you feel sluggish and tired, maybe even slightly off in your mood. Compare that to when you eat a healthy meal, full of nutrients and healthy fats, you feel energetic, even uplifted and in bright spirits.

As the saying goes, you ARE what you EAT.

So that being said, returning to my journey into the dark abyss of living off take-out: I began to notice my overall mood change and my anxiety increase to drastic lengths – I was having panic attacks non-stop, in random occurrences, with absolutely no warning. So with that happening, and the fact that I was becoming physically repulsed by any and all fast food joints, I looked into ways I can reduce my take-out eating and increase my home cooking.

One of the ways I find helps is setting aside a day to do your “prep work“: this is creating your weekly meal plan, figuring out what ingredients you need, and setting aside a time of the week to go get groceries and prep. Let me tell you, prepping your food ahead of time is the BIGGEST time saver during the week. If you have all your ingredients portioned ahead of time, it seriously saves you time during the week and adds some quality home relax time to your evening.

If you are so busy that setting aside a day isn’t even an option (and trust me, I’ve been there before!), try a meal delivery service like HelloFresh or GoodFood. Whether you’re in Canada or the States, these meal subscription services are so time-effective with prepped and portioned ingredients and three different meal opinions delivered to your front door every week. I’ve used both, but prefer GoodFood as they give you more options, and provide gluten and dairy free alternatives.

Once it hit me that my body was negatively reacting to my stress-induced, poor eating lifestyle, I quickly had a wake-up call that I need to seriously treat my body like the temple it is. My partner and I discussed ways to reduce our take-out consumption and really put effort into eating at home more, even if this means activ-frying up some fries and making homemade chicken fingers. We need to take care of ourselves in numerous ways in order to manage the day to day stressors of this world. If the grocers’ in your area offer delivery, utilize this! That way you can avoid falling into the trap of living off of take-out food. Trust me, it IS a trap.

Have any tips on eating healthy on a busy schedule?


Any thoughts, comments or suggestions?

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