Adding some sparkle to your usual weekend routine.

Be spicy!

While volunteering for a film fest this year, one of the communication managers would use the term “spicy” as being “edgy” and doing something “outside the box” for social media. Of course, she was referring to using this attitude, or online persona, in a marketing scenario but it got me thinking, we could all use a little spice in our routines to keep things sparkling and fresh! So…

What is “spicier” than switching up your weekend routine?!

Question: What do my partner and I usually do on our weekends?
Well, most of the time we go run a few errands and maybe plan to pick up take-out for the evening. Sometimes PERHAPS we have a date night and go out to supper, or we’ll order something in, watch a movie and veg OUT!

Notice that I did not mention any self-care routines or activities — it’s usually because I’m bad at taking the time to love myself, my mind and my body over the weekends. I feel swamped with all the errands, or I am just run down by the work week that I end up being useless to do anything with. This weekend: THAT CHANGES!

I plan to add some morning self-care routines to my day, beginning with meditating. Even for a few minutes of minding your inhales and exhales, you feel one with your inner self and unified. I also plan to add some morning journalling and coffee (of COURSE) after my meditation session. This is just to reflect on the work week, introspect on my current and past feelings and make a plan for the following week (plan ahead gets you ahead, wink wink).

planning ahead

Well, I hope you all find that one self-care activity to add to your weekend! Even if it’s taking a walk around your neighborhood and being one with Mother Earth (since it’s the most wonderful season of all – FALL!) Just try to sparkle your weekend routine this weekend and see how it makes you feel overall to “spice” things up once in a while!

Forever grateful & humbled by your visit!

Leave any comments below on any self-care routines you may try or any new activities you plan to add to your weekend!


2 thoughts on “Adding some sparkle to your usual weekend routine.”

  1. I’ve never thought of adding more self-care to my weekend. I tend to be more family-oriented over the weekends but it does make sense. Now to figure out what to add to the routine hmmm

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