Mindful, easy morning meal inspirations.

We all know…

You are what you eat.

– Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (paraphased)

So then, why are do many of us eating take-out daily and falling prey to poor eating habits? I’m not saying that I’m an angel when it comes to my diet – but I also can tell when enough is ENOUGH!

Here are two of my favorite quick and easy breakfast ideas that are healthy and worth trying!

Smoothies (and smoothie bowls)

Goji berry smoothie bowl

I’m a lover of smoothie bowls, just because I’m not much for drinking smoothies through a straw (though I still do). But there’s something about creating these works of art that is ultimately satisfying and almost makes you not want to eat the masterpiece, although you will… because it’s delicious.

According to The Kitchn, these are the rules for making the ultimate smoothie bowl:

  1. Make it thick.
  2. Chill your bowl before getting started.
  3. Choose a deep bowl (over one that’s shallow and wide).
  4. Get everything prepped BEFORE loading the blender.
  5. Add texture with toppings.

But of course, if eating a drink isn’t your style, smoothies in the morning are a great source of your daily vitamins and fruit/veg intake!

Strawberry orange smoothie

Fancy Toast

Soft boiled egg on avocado toast

Who doesn’t like toast in the mornings?! (Especially when you call it “fancy toast”.)

Honestly, when I was working on my undergrad degree, toast was a staple for me, as it was the best way to get all my carbs in during the a.m. hours.

Plus, when you pack it with all the yummies (e.g., avocado), you elevate the experience from “meh.” to “yay!” It’s literally one of the most versatile meal ideas because you can put anything on toast.

Hummus toast with fresh fruit + veg

Nowadays, I’m more likely to go with a quick and dirty smoothie than take the time to sit down and eat toast or a smoothie bowl – but I still will jump to these options when I have the time.

Mainly it comes down to just that – time!

When we’re pressed for it, we tend to fall into the take-out trap and it’s hard to get out of that mindset once you’re in it.

But remember the quote – you are what you eat – and hopefully these easy morning meal staples will help you kick-start your awesome habit of eating healthy.


Any thoughts, comments or suggestions?

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