Traveling, minimally.

This Christmas, I plan to travel light.

With all the pressure Christmas can put on a person financially and emotionally, travelling with only the bare essentials is my way of de-stressing this season. I want to make sure that everything I travel with has a purpose and intention for my trip.

Also, since I’ll be going away for Christmas, I’m going to be bringing back a few gifts, so I need to ensure I’ll have space for extra things to take back with me. 

As a self-diagnosed shopaholic, my goal for 2018 was to reduce the number of items in my life. In Feb 2018, I donated 3/4 of my wardrobe – leaving me with just under 150 pieces of clothes, including outerwear and lounge. Then in June 2018, I donated roughly a 1/4 of my wardrobe again, to bring it closer to 100. And now, in December 2018, I have just under 100 pieces total that I can say I actively wear.

My 2019 goal is to have 4 (Canadian seasonal) capsule wardrobes.

So for this holiday season, I plan to make a list ahead of time (using Daily Note) of everything I plan on taking with me, to ensure I do not over-pack or bring anything with me that will not add any value to my trip.

Daily Note is by far my favorite digital note taking resource. It has a very minimalist user interface, stylish typeface and its black and white color scheme fits its minimalist theme perfectly. It’s a free app to install so if you’re interested, give it a try!

Clothing is usually something I will decide maybe two or three days before packing, but getting a head start on my makeup and toiletries will definitely save time.

just a small sample of my travel list using Daily Note

Also, because I’m aiming to be zero waste, I decided to pack some items that will reduce the amount of plastic I use while travelling. My tin (stainless steel) water bottle is important for hydration and my reusable tote bag will come in handy for getting duty free items before boarding the plane and Christmas shopping while travelling. The third one will be my reusable coffee mug as coffee is the most essential when travelling.

Do you have any minimalist holiday travel tips? Please leave them below!


2 thoughts on “Traveling, minimally.”

    1. The one I use now is an unnamed one from a local shop in Newfoundland that I got a few years ago (its also a thermos so great for hot cocoa) but I also have a Klean Kanteen I got from Homesense!

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