A love letter to my yoga mat.

To my forever understanding, forever judgement-free and forever my one true love,

For you, I am truly and immensely grateful.

You understand my body. You understand how it moves and how it flows through poses and postures. You understand how my mind thinks and sees the world. You understand my thoughts and behaviors, enough to ease every tense nerve ending in my body to pure relaxation.

You know exactly what to do in the moment to make me feel safe and secure, free from judgement and critique. You free me from the stress of my daily life and the anxieties of my future. You understand my thoughts and allow me to acknowledge their presence, yet send them away, free from my mind.

As well, thank you for not judging me for taking significant time away from you. I may not always say good morning to you, or speak to you for many days, but you know that when I do step my two feet onto you, that I am yours for that present moment and nothing shall separate us during that time.

You understand that no matter how much time apart we spend, that I will come back with my heart full and with my intentions pure to spend those special moments with you.

Because of you, I feel understood and welcomed. Because of you, I feel confident and strong. Because of you, I feel able to accomplish anything life throws my way.

Because of you, I know who I am and what I need to do to live this life to the fullest. Because of you, I have begun to love… myself.

To my yoga mat – because of you, I can truly love.

Yoga has become such an important aspect in my life. It has changed the nervous, anxious human that once was into a confident and calm (sometimes) woman.

It has allowed me to overcome so many obstacles in my life and given me the courage to be who I want to be… a passionate and spiritually grateful yogi.

Have you tried yoga? What experiences have you had with your mat?

Share in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “A love letter to my yoga mat.

  1. I love this so much! Such a unique approach, and so relatable especially when youre saying sorry for not always giving enough attention or taking time away, because I’m sure so many people can relate! 🙂

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