YouTubers who motivate me.

I watch a lot of YouTube (who doesn’t?) so I figured why not make a post about my absolute favorite YouTubers currently!

Of course, I subscribe to a BUNCH of different channels (e.g., Colleen Ballinger, Sedona Christina, IISuperwomanII, William Osman, Michael Reeves, Sarahbethyoga to name a few) but the ones below are ones I have been watching repeatedly lately and find really have truly spoken to me.

Whether it’s for real lifestyle content or just silly videos that make me escape my troubles and laugh my problems away, these YouTubers really are doing something exceptional on the internet and I feel they should be called out for their awesomeness and truly real character.

Renee Amberg

I’ve only recently started watching her videos but I’m already hooked. It began when I was looking up journaling inspiration on Youtube and this video was one of the first:

I then began watching some of her more recent videos and fell in love with her personality and her vibration.

She’s a lifestyle vlogger that just has very aesthetically pleasing content like morning routine videos, cleaning videos, a day in my life videos, etc. but also she speaks about very spiritual concepts like the law of attraction and finding your purpose. She’s also very personable in her videos and I feel I can really get inspired by her content and how she edits her videos. For example, check out her 5AM morning routine video (no chit-chat, just a bunch of moments of her morning) and try and tell me that’s not inspirational or calming to watch!

If I was to ever make a YouTube channel (coming soon hopefully!), Renee’s aesthetic would be my point of inspiration to work with. Go check her out on Instagram or YouTube!

Gabbie Hanna

I’m sorry, but I LIVE through Gabbie. She is literally my spirit animal. With the variety of content she posts from her storytime videos, workout journey and her MUSIC (seriously, this girl is love and life) – her channel is just constant entertainment.

She is just so easy to relate to and her content is both hysterical and truly real. Recently she began doing lifestyle content (i.e., cleaning my vents for the first time in 3 years) and many more “trying to pull my life together LOL?” videos and I sort of fell in love with her then! It’s just hilarious content that anyone in their mid-twenties can relate to and I thoroughly enjoy watching someone else say EXACTLY what’s on my mind.

If you haven’t checked her out (or even remember that she was a VINE GODDESS), then I highly recommend her YouTube channel and her Instagram. Also, her music is INCREDIBLE and her latest EP “2WAYMIRROR” is available to stream and download on iTunes/Spotify/Google Play Music.


I actually stumbled upon Lilly’s vlog channel before her actual channel (too funny) and I couldn’t get over how personable she was!

I find her vlogs, especially her #asklilly question corner segments to be so REAL! She’s a Canadian (from Toronto) and isn’t afraid of being who she is. I mean she literally made a vlog video today with that title.

The production value of her vlogs alone is so high quality, with the most adorable intro to date, and I actually find myself getting lost in them for hours. She is just so inspiring and has such powerful and humble insight to give to her viewers that it feels like she’s just recording a video for you personally to give you a boost of self-esteem and confidence. She’s kicking butt and taking names!

I recommend both her actual YouTube channel and her vlog channel, but for pure realness and human life – her vlog is truly my go-to for a confidence boost!

Sarah Therese

This young momma of THREE kiddos is truly inspirational. I absolutely love her content – which is focused on lifestyle, minimalism and healthy habits – but also she has such a personality to fall in love with.

I cannot remember how I stumbled upon her channel, but I have been HOOKED! I recently watched her 30-day NO BUY video and am inspired to do my own NO BUY challenge. I want to be better at budgeting and saving my money, and this video truly inspired me to start SOMEWHERE!

All of her videos have such a human touch where you just feel like you are a part of her daily life and she’s just sitting across the table from you, chit-chatting. I cannot say nicer things about Sarah (plus, she’s also Canadian – bonus!) so I definitely suggest you head on over to her channel and fall as in love with her as I have.

A Small Wardrobe

I believe A Small Wardrobe was my inspiration to de-clutter and minimize my closet. Her blog was one of the first I began to follow for minimalism and de-cluttering content, and then she started a YouTube channel!

Honestly, I could cycle through her videos all day long. They are so well-edited and put together, and she is just such a humble, adorably awkward human that I feel I can truly relate to her. I especially enjoy her routine and motivational videos (i.e., morning and evening routines, minimalist motivation, de-cluttering tips, etc.)

She does Q&A videos frequently that address questions about minimalism and reducing your wardrobe (and other lifestyle topics) that I find so informative but also attainable. She is a source of calm energy we all need in our lives!

Please check out her content, even if you aren’t a minimalist yourself, as her videos can be applicable to so many areas in your life (e.g., minimalism improves mental health, etc.)

These next two go hand-in-hand because well, they are together, but definitely both put out different and unique content from one another.

Julien Solomita

My gosh, Julien is a RIOT! I mean, we knew this from Jenna’s videos but HELLO?? He is such a f***ing hilarious person! He is such a talented vlogger with such a variety of lifestyle content that I cycle through daily.

But honestly, what really hooked me to Julien’s content (separate from his guest appearances in Jenna’s videos that make me cry-laugh) are his cooking videos. I’m not vegan, nor gluten-free, but I am INSPIRED by his creations and thoroughly enjoy watching him make the most innovative recipes that one would not think could be vegan or gluten-free.

Honestly, if I was living in the states or had access to these types of products, I would be using his videos to make these incredible meals. The only downside to Julien’s content is we will never get to try out those delicious creations (but a girl can dream).

I’m also pretty sure I want to be a part of their relationship as it always seems to be an extended laughing fit, which I’m all about. Never change Julen – NEVER change… and keep your amazing content coming.

If you haven’t checked out his vlog channel, please do. Tell him I sent you there, and to make me a vegan IMPOSSIBLE burger please.

Jenna Marbles

Last, but not least, is my girl Jenna. I’m ashamed to admit I was NOT a viral Jenna fan when “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking” (but have since watched it). Since religiously watching her videos in the beginning of the new year, I’m pretty sure I’m all caught up (that’s how frequently I watch her channel).

Jenna is the most down-to-earth YouTuber on the platform (with the exception of her lovely partner Julen) and I find her content, both past young troll Jenna to *~*32-year old lady*~* Jenna, so entertaining and real. Her past videos were always a laugh to watch and I will seriously put on all her “Drunk Art School” (e.g., Drunk Magic) videos when I’m having a bad day and want to laugh my woes away, but her newer more lifestyle-focused content (e.g., buying a house and the tour of her houseplants) is also equally entertaining and fun to watch.

Jenna is the girl you just want to have in your life as your best friend who you can be yourself with and just laugh your way through life. Her relationship with Julien is one I could only dream of having, and her unconditional love for her dogs is admirable and real.

I will always be a big fan of Jenna, no matter what she puts out and frankly, her videos truly brighten my day. Again, never stop being you Jenna and continue to live that hilarious and amazing life!

I’d say check her out on YouTube, but I’m sure you have. She’s actually the greatest human (Jenna for President).

Well there you go.

A bunch of YouTubers I enjoy watching and feel have incredible content/messaging. If you haven’t heard or seen any of these lovely YouTubers, go on over to your neighbourhood YouTube website and check them out. If you’re looking for content to cheer you up, make you laugh, feel you can relate to, plus much more, you won’t be disappointed by these amazing content creators and I promise you – they will motivate you, too.

Let me know in the comments below some of your favorite YouTuber creators!


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