08 | To be an introvert.

Life in general can be extremely overwhelming.
Now imagine being a socially awkward introvert in an extrovert’s world.

(Sorry about that… that was pure nightmare fuel.)

When we become overwhelmed by this world, we all have our own self-care rituals to get us through those moments, and they truly depend on if you identify as an extrovert or an introvert.

Being an introvert, or Introversion is a personality trait characterized by a focus on internal feelings rather than on external sources of stimulation. So that means you usually gravitate towards activities that are typically solo ones more so than seeking external environmental stimuli (i.e., through social events, or gatherings, etc.) As a self-identified introvert, I typically enjoy activities such as reading, photography, video editing, journaling, painting, etc., and even practice yoga at home vs. going to a yoga studio (most of the time).

Your personality includes whether you relate to being an introvert or an extrovert. Personality types are divided between the 16 different types (eight extroverted types and eight introverted types, according to Myers-Briggs). Meaning introverts and extroverts are often viewed in terms of a dichotomy, but the truth is that most people lie somewhere in the middle of the two (and I totally identify as an ‘extroverted’ introvert.) But there is definitely one trait you relate to over the other!

How can you tell what you are?

Personally, I’ve always found I thrived when I had alone time. I grew up with people who would always be excited for the weekend to go out with friends and go to parties. But for me, the weekends have always been my time to myself (or with my partner, or my close group of friends.) I typically love to do solo activities (or small intimate gatherings) to recharge what I call my “social batteries.” And lately, I have a common practice to NEVER make plans for Saturdays (I’m weird, I know.) This is subject to change based on situations and events, but I enjoy having Saturdays to myself. I get housework done, chores completed, and just time to fully recharge for the week ahead.

It might sound super strange to some, but I just find throughout the work week – I’m drained by even just communicating with others. I love to talk, don’t get me wrong, but when you do it for five days straight to many many people… I end up needing a quiet/DND button. And I’ve always been this way for as long as I can remember. I’d work shift-work jobs in the food and beverage industry, and after my shift I would require a chunk of alone time just to get some energy back. And I later learned that that’s how introverts actually RECHARGE. While extroverts gain their energy back in the company of other people (e.g., parties, etc.). Wild, hey?

Curious to know what other traits introverts typically possessed, I went down a rabbit hole. Here are some common qualities and characteristics of introverted humans. I can absolutely relate to needing alone time, ‘feeling’ more, being more introspective and curious, and definitely feeling drained my persistent social interactions.

Also, if you’re really curious to discover your personality type (I myself am INFJ), check out 16 Personalities and take the online personality quiz. You’ll discover which one of the 16 types you fall under and the variant percentage of your Intro/Extroversion.

Myths about being an introvert

The biggest myth that I laugh at is that introverts are quiet or shy


Anyone who knows me can vouch that I am not a “quiet or shy” person. I come off as very bubbly, social, silly and goofy – with a lot of compassion. I maybe was stereotypically shy when I was very young, in my single digit years, but that quickly went away when I approached my “lovely” teenage phase.

If you’re curious about any other myths regarding introversion and extroversion, definitely check out this post. It’s quite interesting to see all the myths surrounding these two characteristics and how it truly isn’t as black and white as people think.

If anything, I highly suggest you do some introspection (like the true introvert that I am) and find out what recharges your batteries.

So, how do you recharge?

This is the question to ask yourself. What do YOU enjoy doing that gives you boosts of energy or calms you down when you’re stressed and overwhelmed? This will allow you to understand your own personal needs and what is required to regain your energy.

I tend to recharge by having a few “rituals” in my back pocket. Firstly, Friday nights are usually a Take-out and Watch a movie at home evening. If I have a guest or two over for it, that’s fine – but I’m not out at a bar or loud restaurant (unless it’s a special occasion). Then, Saturdays become my solo “Get shit done!” day sans any plans (featuring plenty of coffee and feel good tunes). If I feel up to going out or doing something on a Saturday, it’s on my own terms. And then honestly, if I’ve had a stressful, overly social day – I usually retreat during the evening to a hot bubble bath, or a good chill music playlist with candles and incense, or meditate/paint/any of the solo activities I mentioned above. Maybe a face mask is included, or a drink. But the main goal is to recharge ALONE.

I’ve had partners in my past who never really understood this importance of mine – to have alone time. And I will admit it can hinder a relationship if you and your partner do not know how to vibe with each other’s personal needs. But the main thing is to communicate your needs and wants. If you know this is how you recharge, but your partner is the opposite – be okay with them going out and you staying home, or vice versa!

Also, if you too are an introvert and looking for resources on understanding it all, I highly recommend the blog Introvert, Dear. I’ve been subscribed for a long while now and I truly find most of the blog articles that are written about personality types, jobs for introverts, activities, etc. so captivating, entertaining and intriguing. Check them out!

If you took the time to read this blog post, my heart is full. Are you (mostly) introverted, extroverted, or maybe right in the middle! How do YOU recharge when stressed?
Let’s continue the discussion (perhaps with a nice cup of coffee, heh.)

And reader, I want to thank you for reading up to this point in the post. Writing is an outlet I am passionate about, but hardly allow myself to do. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and look forward to reading future blog posts on this site. I will be posting content every Saturday — so mark it on your calendar or even better, subscribe to my blog below so you get alerted when the next post goes live. Also, look out for future blog/vlog videos, exclusive content and just more positive energy to float your way.

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