18 | Recalibrating for the winter.

It’s time to switch gears and prepare for the cold months ahead. Basically it’s time to recalibrate ourselves for the winter.

Once October ends, I find this is the time of the year I start to recalibrate. Just with the switch to colder weather and shorter days, my routine needs a little reworking to function effectively during the months to come. I just feel so sluggish and unmotivated to do anything when the days are shorter and the weather is colder.

I usually find there are three areas in my life that need the most adjustment when it comes to gearing up for the winter, and those are my self-care activities, my eating habits and my sleep schedule.


Winter completely dries my skin out. My hands, my lips, my face… you name it! So I find the one major thing I need to do to recalibrate my body for the winter is to hydrate more.

Not only by using hydrating face masks, body lotions, or lip scrubs and balms, but also by drinking more water on a daily basis (as I’m terrible for forgetting to) and to include more hydrating foods in my meals!

Self-care can be as little as reminding yourself to drink that next glass of water. Remember that!

Also, exercise is more important than ever during the winter months.
Yoga is my go-to form of self-care exercise to really ground down and relax. I find not only a physical benefit to my daily practices, but also a mental benefit too! I also will include daily walks and resistance band workouts from time to time, but yoga is where my heart lives.

Recently, I started following Yoga with Adriene and have been following along to her routines for my daily practices. I enjoy her style and tone, and how down to earth she is. If you’re interested, I’ve included one of her recent videos I practiced to below, but also give her channel a view for other amazing yoga routines.

Eating Habits

If I’m being honest, I eat terribly during the winter. And maybe that’s just me being hard on myself, but it’s coupled with the fact that I am unmotivated to work out. So like I mentioned before, I’m going to try and adjust my eating habits to match with my hydration goals and my self-care activities!

I love to cook! Don’t get me wrong! But when it’s cold and dark, I tend to unmotivated to do anything. But if I focus on a few inspired meals that are easy to execute and comforting to the soul I think I can manage. Soups or warm dishes inspire cozy affairs and relaxation, while spicy inspires heat and warmth. Pick a couple of dishes that inspire you to cook and make enough for a meal prep, or freeze the leftovers for later!

Keep your lunches simple too, like maybe leftovers or a sandwich with a side! Either way, plan ahead and prepare in advance so you always have a meal within a hand’s reach, ready to be heated! It will reduce the amount of take out you order, and mental strain of thinking about food while cold AND hungry.

Sleep Schedule

Daylight savings always messes me up. In fact, I discovered there are actually more negative effects to “falling back” and “springing ahead” an hour than I thought!

For myself, I feel the effects with the reduced daylight hours and my productivity. During the summer, I could wake up in the morning hours and do yoga with little hesitation because it was bright or light enough to get my body to recognize it should wake up. With Daylight savings and the winter months, I wake to cold dark mornings and just feel no desire to leave my warm cozy bed.

I want to look at my sleep hygiene as I’m sure it can be improved to help me sleep better, but I also feel I need to maintain a strict sleep schedule during the winter to make sure I’m not over or under sleeping. I am famous for taking extended naps and sleeping in until the PM hours, and it can impact my weeknight sleeping schedule when I do those things.

I’m not too familiar on sleep hygiene so I feel that could be another in depth blog post. If you’re familiar or know any good resources, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

If you took the time to read this blog post, my heart is full. Winter can really slow you down so it’s just a matter of readjusting your body to handle the journey! How are you recalibrating for the cold winter months? Let’s continue in the comments below (perhaps with a nice cup of coffee, heh.)

And reader, I want to thank you for reading up to this point in the post. Writing is an outlet I am passionate about, but hardly allow myself to do. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and look forward to reading future blog posts on this site. I will be posting content every Saturday — so mark it on your calendar or even better, subscribe to my blog so you get alerted when the next post goes live. Also, look out for future blog/vlog videos, exclusive content and just more positive energy to float your way.

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