Yoga for the holidays.

The Christmas season can really take a toll on us, physically and mentally. We are coming up on work deadlines before the holidays begin, as well as planning out the itinerary for all the holiday festivities with our loved ones. Our minds are running a mile a minute thinking about so much that we can sometimes forget to take a second just to breathe and relax. Christmas can be stressful!

I find when I’m under a tremendous amount of stress, I turn to yoga and mindfulness to ground down and calm myself. So I thought a nice #self-care Sunday-focused post would be perfect for Blogmas.

Yoga Instructors to Follow

Sarah Beth Yoga was the first ever online yoga instructor I started following. I’ve been practicing with Sarah for at least 7 years now and continue to practice with her for power, hatha and restorative routines.

I find Sarah’s presence soothing and her Yin restorative routines incredibly calming. I usually practice Yin routines during the evenings so that I can light a few candles and some incense in a dimly-lit room for the perfect peaceful ambience.

I definitely recommend Sarah Beth for those grounding restorative practices, but her other yoga routines are just as amazing. I cannot express enough how much you’d enjoy her content, even if you’re just new to yoga or if you’ve been practicing for years.

Whenever I practice with Boho Beautiful, I feel like I am on a luxury yoga treat. Juliana and Mark really put a lot of ambience into their yoga routines, including filming the majority of them in truly beautiful settings.

I discovered their videos while searching for beach body/power yoga workouts a number of years ago and just had to subscribe to their beautifully soothing content. So if you’ve been curious about any videos on their channel, I do recommend you give them a watch (and possibly a follow.)

I’ve only recently started practicing yoga with Adriene, but I really enjoy her seasonally themed routines (like the Spooky routine she did for Spooktober). In fact, that’s how I stumbled onto her channel. I know a lot of my friends practice with her and have recommended her to me many times, but it was only recently I had started viewing her channel!

I find her yoga routine video style very down to earth and authentic, especially when she breaks affirmations to acknowledge her dog during poses. I find her routines easy to follow and her energy is very soothing and grounded.

I’m not as familiar with her catalog of yoga videos but I have definitely enjoyed the videos I’ve practiced along with in the recent months, including her relaxing healing stress routine.

If you took the time to read this blog post, my heart is full. Will you give yoga a try over the holidays? What are some of the ways you de-stress over the holiday season? Let’s continue in the comments below (perhaps with a nice cup of coffee, heh.)

And reader, I want to thank you for reading up to this point in the post. Writing is an outlet I am passionate about, but hardly allow myself to do. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and look forward to reading future blog posts on this site. I will be posting content every day in December for BLOGMAS — so mark it on your calendar or even better, subscribe to my blog so you get alerted when the next post goes live. Also, look out for future blog/vlog videos, exclusive content and just more positive energy to float your way.

Chat again tomorrow!
Merry Blogmas!

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