In a cute little personal post, I want to talk about unexpected situations and how to overcome them.

I fudged up on a Windows feature update and ended up hurting the hard drive on my laptop. In my defense, it’s a refurbished laptop so the parts within it probably were not truly up to the manufacturer’s standards. Anyways, I went into a panic.

Thinking I destroyed my computer, I started to freak out a bit and felt some anxiety spiking in the back of my mind. But instead of encouraging my anxiety towards panic, I decided to activate my troubleshooting abilities in order to find a solution (if one was possible.) Turns out I didn’t do TOO much damage… but I did have to replace my hard drive. I was able to get another hard drive over the weekend, install it in my laptop, and reset my entire Windows operating system to boot up on my new SSD.

So long story short: between my work commitments and the necessity of a new hard drive, I did miss a few days of blogmas. This is upsetting, but could have been WORSE! Would I have solved my situation if I had spiraled into a worsening panic? No! I felt able to handle this unexpected hurtle in my original game plan and course corrected the situation to optimize the least amount of damage! (Woo, bonus points to my partner who helped with the install.) Every day I find is a learning opportunity, to grow from within to really showcase that growth outwards. And I write this post so candidly because I used to resort to panic over problem solve, always! So to me, this is a point towards growth, and I believe we all have the capacity for personal growth.

It’s all about how you react to a given situation that will truly shape the outcome. And that is a lesson learned from personal experience. I’m definitely excited to get back into the “blogmas spirit” once again.

Chat again tomorrow (and thanks for coming to my Ted Talk about unexpected situations!)


  1. loveyshotash

    I am proud of your personal growth because these things are not easy. Life really does not come with a certain ‘guide’ to help us out. I def. say that I can relate to the anxiety spiraling within my mind. It is so easy to give in to it. So yes, a step from giving in is surely a step in the right direction. Keep it up and thanks for sharing !

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