Life is hard, am I right?

So is writing an “about me” section for your blog page. But here I am, powering through it (with a large cup of coffee nonetheless).

I’m a fiery redhead, I will admit that. I am determined, stubborn proud, and dedicated to the things I am truly passionate about.

Born and raised in St. John’s, Newfoundland – I was a shy, introverted little redhead with big dreams of helping others! Whether that was through counselling (see my educational background) or by just being a good listener. I loved to perform, sing and write all from an early age and still carry that dramatic flare into my adult life.

A little about my education…

My background is all over the place! First off, I have a B. Sc. (Hons) in Psychology, and a minor in Sociology & Criminology. I received this from Memorial University of Newfoundland (circa 2013).

I then moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia to pursue a B. Sc. in Science Communications at Mount Saint Vincent University. I did about a year, and realized I was super passionate about Audio/Video (a core component of the program) and switched out to get my diploma in Audio Engineering and Post Production at the Centre of Arts & Technology. I specialized in Video Post Production and Sound Design.

A little about my interests…

I am absolutely in love with practicing yoga and the mindset that practicing it gives me. I am completely empathetic and can truly relate to others on such a level that I am able to put myself in their shoes (well, maybe not literally – I have small feet) but you get the gist of what I’m saying!

I’m all about leading and living a positive life that can constantly inspire others to live THEIR best lives! I want to spread compassion everywhere I go and onto every person I meet and interact with.

As an empathetic and introverted redhead, with a rainforest mind, I find blogging is the perfect avenue that allows me to communicate with others and give my inspiring day-to-day moments that hopefully will help YOU lead your best and most radiant life! And I hope I can do that by sharing tips, strategies and lifestyle ideas that I find really help me to live my best life.

If you’re into changing your mindset/outlook, interested in trying new things (i.e., yoga routines, self care ideas, etc.) and maybe like the odd cooking recipe, I really think you could find this blog useful and inspiring! And I truly and sincerely hope that YOU do.

We constantly aspire to be who we think we SHOULD be. But we keep forgetting that life happens when we embrace who we truly ARE.