YouTubers who motivate me.

I watch a lot of YouTube (who doesn’t?) so I figured why not make a post about my absolute favorite YouTubers currently! Of course, I subscribe to a BUNCH of different channels (e.g., Colleen Ballinger, Sedona Christina, IISuperwomanII, William Osman, Michael Reeves, Sarahbethyoga to name a few) but the ones below are ones I have […]

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Motivate yourself!

I think we’ve all been here. We’ve had a set-back in our lives that has knocked us off our game. We are at a loss for what to do next and where to go, especially if circumstances have happened unexpectedly. Trust me, I’ve been there. With this blog, I want to write with genuine feeling […]

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Learning how to be happy.

Here’s a question to ask yourself, and REALLY ask yourself… Are you happy? Before you say “of course” or “probably not”, really sit back and evaluate the question. Really think about what the question is asking you. You can interpret it asking you “Are you happy RIGHT NOW?” or maybe it’s asking “Are you happy […]

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January is the most iconic month when you think of a “reflect and restart” on your life. We sit around and make resolutions of how we wish to better ourselves and our experiences in the new year. We analyze the results of our previous goals set last year and see how we can improve the […]

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